What's New for 2013

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  • Children’s and Youth Ministries
    For the first time we will be offering a "VOA Kids" a version of VOA geared specifically for towards kids. The Youth will also have a specialized afternoon track during the afternoon break outs.

  • Lots of Space
    We simply needed a bigger venue to allow us to do the ministry we are called to do. This new space at the Orange County Convention Center provides us large foyers, nearly triple capacity for general sessions, the ability to add an expo and breakout space for new ministry opportunities.

  • Breakouts
    The afternoon breakouts will cover these topics: healing, impartation, the prophetic, worship, worship arts, pastoral / leadership, deliverance and a specialized track for youth.

  • New Partner Ministries
    We have seen a significant increase in the partnering ministries. Beyond the Revival Alliance, Global Awakening is called to be a bridge building ministry. By expanding the dates and available speaking sessions with our breakouts, we have been able to partner with new ministries. Many of the new ministries with us at in 2013 are some of the most influential and anointed ministries in the world today.

Thank you for your investment of time and resources to attend VOA
2013. We will do our best to honor your investment as we come together
to see what God has in store! See you at the Voice of the
Apostles 2013 Conference and Expo.